‘No more lost generations' is a summary of the work, findings and recommendations of a parliamentary inquiry into how construction investment could be used to generate more training and jobs for young people

Download No more lost generations - Chartered Institute of Building website.

Read NCVO's top tips on Commissioning for social value - National Council for Volunteering Organisations website.

LGA held a very successful conference on the Social Value Act one year on. See the slides here:  LGA social value act conference 24 February 2014 - past event presentation.

Download the Essex Social Value Toolkit (PDF, 10 Pages, 237KB)

FMB provide some insights and recommendations on ensuring procurement processes are SME friendly in their report  FMB report: Improving Public Procurement for construction SMEs (PDF, 36 pages, 4MB - large file)

Read about Government's commitment to helping small businesses to grow - Small business, great ambition (PDF, 40 pages, 3MB - large file)

See how Birmingham have mainstreamed equality considerations in procurement Birmingham case study - Buying Better Outcomes (PDF, 15 pages, 2.25MB)


Specimen contract clause on payment terms

In the event that the Supplier, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, enters into a supply contract or a sub-contract in connection with this Agreement, the Supplier shall ensure that a term is included in the supply contract or sub-contract which requires the Supplier to pay all sums due there under to the sub-contractor within a specified period, not to exceed thirty (30) days, from the date of receipt of a valid invoice as defined by the terms of the supply contract or sub-contract (as appropriate).

Public Sector Payment Performance: facts all public authorities need to know (PDF, 6 pages, 250KB)

Social Value in Public Procurement

The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance is looking for pathfinder councils to input into a study on measuring social value in public sector projects, they propose an easy to use, blended solution for evaluation of social value.

Download the PDF, Social Value in Public Procurement (21 pages, 3.0 MB large file)

Commissioning for Social Value

http://socialvaluecommissioning.org is a free website created by Social Value UK and is a free of charge database where you can upload case studies explaining how social value has been increased through successful commissioning.

Please do help others to learn by sharing your own case studies and other resources.  They can be uploaded by you or Social Value UK will do it for you if you email ben.carpenter@socialvalueuk.org.

If you're interested on wider work on social value, take a look at the Social Value UK website where you can find out more about Social Value Principles or other research information on their crowd sourced database the Global Value Exchange.

New Procurement Rules for VCSE and SME's

AGMA have kindly agreed to share their slides from a training event for VCSE's on the new EU Procurement Directives:

Presentation slides from the September 2014 briefing for Salford CVS the new EU procurement rules (PDF, 82 pages, 435KB)