Local government pensions

We represent employers' interests to central government and other bodies on local government pensions policy. We provide the secretariat service for the Local Government Pensions Committee (LGPC), a committee of councillors constituted by the:

  • Local Government Association (LGA)
  • Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)
  • Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA).

The LGPC provides technical advice and has a suite of technical guides on:

  • the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)
  • related compensation matters that it makes available to Pension Fund Administering Authorities and to employers.

We also:

  • provide general communication information
  • provide and maintain a central suite of guides and leaflets for employees and councillors on the LGPS that authorities administering the LGPS may download and personalise for their own use and the use of employers in their fund.

A full programme of pensions training is available for:

  • councillors
  • pensions practitioners
  • personnel officers
  • other employing authority staff with an interest in the LGPS.

Latest news

Call for evidence on future structure of the LGPS - September 2013

Read the LGA's response (PDF, 3 pages, 304KB)
Do larger funds perform better (PDF, 16 pages, 1.3KB)

DCLG academy pooling consultation

On 7 October DCLG issued a consultation on proposals for pooling arrangements for academies and local authorities within the LGPS. The closing date for responses is 15 November 2013.

Read the consultation – PDF file on the DCLG's  website.

LGPS 2014 consultation

The LGA's response to:

LGPS 2014 employer and fund practitioner information - July 2013

Read all the information here

Call for evidence on future structure of the LGPS - June 2013

The LGA and DCLG have issued a joint call for evidence into ways to increase cooperation between LGPS funds. Read the:
call for evidence (PDF 3 pages, 44KB)

The call for evidence follows moves already put in place to increase transparency and standardise data across the schemes so that fund managers, pension holders and the public can compare performance between funds and identify possible savings. These steps will be introduced next year. The call for evidence will help inform a consultation to be put forward later in the year which aims to set out a number of broad principles for updating the LGPS to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. All interested parties are invited to contribute their ideas. The closing date for submissions is 27 September 2013.

DCLG Consultation – LGPS 2014 - June 2013

A third period of statutory consultation on regulations for the new LGPS from April 2014 commenced on the 20 June 2013. The closing date for responses is 2 August 2013. Read the:
DCLG consultation document – on the DCLG website.

DCLG Discussion Paper – new governance arrangements LGPS 2014 - June 2013

A discussion paper exploring the five specific sections of the Public Service Pensions Act 2013 which impacts on the governance arrangements of the new LGPS was published 20 June 2013 by DCLG. It invites comments to a number of questions posed. The responses to these questions will allow DCLG to start work on the drafting of regulations on governance for consultation later this year. The closing date for responses to the paper is 30 August 2013. Read the:
new governance arrangements LGPS 2014 discussion paper – on the DCLG website

LGA's response

LGA/LGPC responds to consultation on draft  transitional regulations - 23 May 2013

Response includes:

Covering letter (PDF, 4 pages, 120KB)
Comments on the LGPS (Transitional Provisions and Savings) Regulations 2013 (PDF, 23 pages, 318KB) 
Comments on the LGPS (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2013 (PDF, 6 pages, 193KB)

LGA / LGPC response to consultation on technical changes to automatic enrolment - 7 May 2013

Read the LGA / LGPC response to the DWP consultation (PDF, 7 pages, 184KB)
Workplace pensions: proposed technical changes to auto enrolment – on the DWP website

LGA / LGPC respond to the draft LGPS Regulations 2013 - 3 May 2013

The response is comprised of:

Scheme governance and shadow scheme advisory board - April 2013

The introduction of the Public Service Pensions Act 2013 brings with it changes to the framework for scheme governance. For further information on the provisions for scheme governance in the LGPS (England and Wales) from April 2014 read:
the LGPS governance structures – public service pensions bill (PDF, 6 pages, 240KB).

A major change in scheme governance is the introduction of a Scheme Advisory Board for the LGPS which will have responsibility for providing advice to the Responsible Authority (DCLG) and Local Pension Boards.  Ministers have agreed to the establishment of a Shadow Scheme Advisory Board as well as five sub-committees for the LGPS to inform and test the process of operation prior to the Board's statutory formation in 2014. A working group was formed in order to make recommendations on the remit and membership of the Shadow Board, to find out more about this group and these recommendations:
read the LGA's paper (PDF, 2 pages, 163KB).

Round table on the future structure of the LGPS - April 2013

Read the joint statement from DCLG and LGA (PDF, 1 page, 13KB).

DCLG Statutory Consultation on Draft Regulations for LGPS 2014 - March 2013

DCLG Statutory Consultation on Draft Regulations for LGPS 2014 (PDF, 90 pages, 468KB)(issued 30 March 2013

DCLG have issued a statutory consultation on the draft regulations on membership, contributions and benefits for the LGPS from April 2014. There is also a brief note on DCLG statutory consultation on draft regulations for LGPS 2014. Read the:
LGPS 2014 statutory consultation – Key facts (PDF, 2 pages, 161KB)

Redundancy and early retirement survey 2013

Read the summary reports of the: redundancy and early retirement survey 2012.

LGPC Timeline Regulations

Providing updated copies of the regulations that govern local government pensions.

Pensions publications

Circulars, bulletins, technical guides and minutes on the workforce library.

Shadow Scheme Advisory Board

Information on the Shadow Scheme Advisory Board and sub-committees of the Board including details of their membership, remit, minutes and updates.


LGPS 2014 employer and fund practitioner information 

Providing information for employer and fund practitioners on LGPS 2014.

LGPS logo 1
LGPS Members' Website

Information for the 4.6 million members of the Local Government Pension Scheme.

LGPS 2014 logo
LGPS 2014 Members' Website

Information for scheme members on the changes being introduced to the LGPS from 1 April 2014

LGPC Secretariat

Jeff Houston
Head of Pensions
020 7187 7346

Terry Edwards
Senior Pensions Adviser
01954 232834

Tim Hazlewood
Pensions Training and Development Manager
01455 824850

Mary Lambe
Pensions Adviser
020 7187 7374

Elaine English
LGPS Executive Officer
020 7187 7344 

Cornelius Hargrave
Pensions Adviser
020 7664 3176

Liam Robson
Pensions Analyst
020 7664 3328

Teachers' pensions

Comprehensive information covering teachers' pensions – on the Workforce section of the LGA website