Universal Credit roll-out information

Information on the rollout of Universal Credit from May – December 2016 based on the DWP's latest planning assumptions has been posted on the .gov.uk website here.  

The transitional schedule, which can be accessed from the above link, provides details of the local authorities and the corresponding Jobcentres to go live for Universal Credit during rollout phases 1 and 2 from May – December 2016.  

Further information on later phases is to follow. Going live means Universal Credit in its digital format being open to all new claims from all claimant types, including claimants on existing benefits or Tax Credits who trigger a new claim for UC as a result of a change in circumstance.  

DWP say that claimants who are currently part of the UC live service delivery arrangements, will transfer to the new digital model within 3 months of the relevant local authority ‘go live date' listed in the schedule.

The DWP also say that after the above transition process has completed in mid-2018, migration of those remaining claimants of existing benefits to the UC digital model will start, and this part of the process is due for completion in 2021.

This information was circulated in a letter from the DWP to local authority Chief Executives and Revenues and Benefit Managers in Great Britain on 11 February 2016.

12 February 2016