Councils play an essential role in keeping the country going throughout the cold winter months.

Gritting roads, clearing snow, delivering meals on wheels, collecting prescriptions, free parking and Santa's grottos are just some of the wide range of services councils provide for communities and the national economy as a whole.

Winter watch aims to keep member councils, the public and the media abreast of the work going on in villages, towns and cities across the country. Here you will be kept up-to-speed with developments as winter progresses. We aim to answer a range of questions asked of councils this time of year. It can also act as a forum for people to share their views and ideas and will be regularly updated .

LGA winter news

All the LGA press releases and responses relating to winter weather – How are councils planning to cope with another severe winter? How much grit do councils have? How do they make sure old people are looked after?

Winter news from councils

News sent out from councils locally – What's happening in different parts of the country? How much grit do individual councils have? How much have they used? What new equipment are they using?

Your winter watch questions answered

Who's responsibility is it to grit roads, and what roads do they grit? Can you really be sued if someone slips over on a pavement you've cleared? What is road grit, where does it come from and how does it work? These and lots of other questions answered here…

Related documents for winter readiness

Here you will find LGA briefings about winter issues, LGA reports and surveys on winter and other key documents and guidance used by local authorities.


Council communication for winter weather Council measures for communities Council measures Gritting routes Salt stock 3: amount of salt sufficient to fill Queen Elizabeth Tower Salt stock 2: gritting trucks stetched bumper to bumper Salt stocks 1: salt to fill gritting trucks

The Cold Weather Plan for England

Protecting health and reducing harm from cold weather.

Stay Well This Winter

Winter health advice from the NHS.

Extreme weather communications guide

A good practice guide for councils communicating during periods of extreme weather.

Winter readiness survey 2015

The survey of local authorities' plans and preparations in case of severe weather

Updates and live discussions

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UK Snow Twitter Mashup
This app searches Twitter for real-time snow reports and displays them on the map.