The local government workforce is changing. The number of staff directly employed by councils is likely to decline. There will be more joint working and the skills required will change. Councils will need to manage and motivate their workforce to increase productivity and transform local public services.

We represent local authorities in negotiations with trade unions and the government over pay and conditions. We also advise local authorities and related employers on national negotiating machinery.

We provide advice and guidance on workforce issues and employment law, and help councils develop a framework for their roles and responsibilities as employers.

And from strategy through to action and evaluation, our consultancy service delivers advice and support to help local authorities solve their HR problems.

Modernising Pay and Rewards

The LGA has co-commissioned the New Local Government Network to develop Outside the Box, a thought-provoking report on the future of the employment 'deal' in local government, including the results of a survey and case studies.

The LGA also worked with Mercer Consulting and the PPMA to produce a toolkit which looks at the key issues of redesigning jobs to increase efficiency and linking pay to performance. The toolkit is a companion to the LGA's own research report on pay progression in local government.

Other useful information on a strategic approach to pay and rewards is available as well as a detailed review of the pros and cons of different pay systems and structures.

Planning for reward modernisation needs member support and we have also produced a guide to pay and rewards for members to help with this, for website members only.

Up-to-date information on the achievement of workforce change can be found in our regular pay and workforce surveys and bespoke information on market pay analysis can be obtained by joining the low-cost Epaycheck database. The latest project from Epaycheck is a special report on top pay data; a summary report is available with the full report accessible for Epaycheck members only on the website.

The toolkit stresses the importance of making efficient and proper use of job evaluation systems. Working with the unions, the LGA has recently revised the advice and guidance available on the NJC job evaluation scheme. Many of the refreshed technical guidance notes are generally applicable for other schemes as well.

The full range of updated job evaluation documentation


Equalities and inclusion

The LGA recognises the value and importance of equalities and inclusion, not only as a legal obligation for employers, but as a way of attracting, developing and retaining talent.

Public health, a local future

Comprehensive information and advice for HR teams about the transfer of public health staff in to local government.

Service integration and the workforce

The integration of public service workforces, especially in health and social care is gathering pace. The LGA is drawing together various specific presentations and case studies to sit alongside our generic workforce material which is all relevant.

Social worker standards

These standards and framework set out the shared core expectations of employers which will enable social workers in all employment settings to work effectively.

LGA Survey on approaches to the Living Wage

The LGA has followed up the guidance it issued on the Living Wage November 2013 with a survey of local authority practice with regard to implementation. It makes for interesting reading.

We highlight some key employment issues relevant to the transfer of schools from maintained to academy status, including TUPE and continuous local government service.

Guidance on transfer of school staff to academies

Highlights some key employment issues relevant to the transfer of schools from maintained to academy status, including TUPE and continuous local government service.

Local government employers in Europe

Europe and its impact on local government as employers.

Local government services

This section provides the updates on Local Government pay negotiations.

New models of delivery and working

The LGA Workforce Team has brought together information from councils who have adopted new approaches and practices to deliver services. This includes all the latest and updated mutual spinouts case studies.

Local government health and safety strategy delivery framework

A strategy developed with the Health and Safety Executive recognising that everyone has a role to play in improving health and safety including employers, workers, contractors and trade unions.

Workforce bulletin

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The national online pay benchmarking facility developed for the public sector by the public sector.

March 2017 workforce podcast

Workforce news podcast
March 2017

We look in detail at the Government's new apprenticeship regulations and talk to the outgoing Head of Workforce, Sarah Messenger, about her new role.

Living Wage podcast

The LGA has produced a podcast discussing the key issues about the living wage.

LGA workforce consultancy

Affordable, reliable consultancy delivering solutions that are tailor made for the local government services sector.