Workforce subscription service

The LGA workforce subscription service is primarily intended for employers who mirror the pay awards, pay scales and or apply the terms and conditions that are negotiated nationally.

Why subscribe?

Taking out a subscription means that you will be kept up to date with the latest developments in workforce, as well as employment legislation and policy changes that could impact on your human resources (HR) practices.

Our comprehensive service includes online resources and direct advice from our teams of industrial relations specialists, who have unrivalled knowledge in this field.

Read how a workforce subscription benefits:

Who subscribes?

We have subscribers from all parts of the UK. The organisations fall into two very broad categories.

  • Those that deliver services that are historically closely linked to the local government sector, such as housing associations, charities and out-sourced providers, be they private sector or, increasingly, social enterprises.
  • Education establishments that apply the national agreements – and often the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document – such as independent schools or, increasingly, academies and free schools.

As a subscriber, you will join this network and share experiences with similar organisations facing the same challenges.

What the subscription covers

You will have access to the secure section of our website, which hosts the information that is most important to you on pay negotiations and each of the national agreements on terms and conditions.

You will be able to track the negotiations so you can better budget for staff costs in the next financial year, as well as be safe in the knowledge you are in possession of the most up-to-date information.

You will have access to direct advice on the national agreements. We will also provide advice on changes to the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions document that come into force each year.

Why LGA?

The LGA is a key stakeholder on employment-related policy issues and in developing employment legislation: in the case of the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions document, we are the statutory employers' representative. You will also benefit from early warning on key issues that will affect you. You will be able to provide input which will be taken forward in national and European policy development.

Because we are a key stakeholder, the LGA has a team dedicated to understanding the latest developments in case law as well as legislative developments. This subscription will also inform you of these issues and how they will impact on your organisation. Getting the employment relationship wrong can cost money, and this subscription is an insurance to manage the risk of ending up in costly employment tribunals (which can cost up to £10,000).

We also provide the employers views on both the Local Government Pension Scheme and the Teachers' Pension Scheme – and you will receive the benefit of key developments if you apply either of these pension schemes.

Local Government Pension Scheme – on the current LGE site

Teachers' Pension Scheme – on the Teacher's Pensions Scheme website.

Finally, as a national employers' organisation, we carry out research on pay data in the local government sector. This may be relevant to you if, for example, you want to benchmark pay with similar jobs in your area.

Index of resources for subscribers

The benefits of subscribing

The key benefits are outlined above – that you will be up to date with the developments arising from national negotiations and on developments in employment law and policy.

However, this subscription will make life easier – we will keep you informed of information that is produced nationally, including relevant information from HM Treasury, Department for Education, Department for Communities and Local Government – so you don't need to go looking for the information.

In addition, if you are in a unionised environment you will have access to employers advice and views which could be relevant to you.

The cost

We have a very simple payment structure:

Public/voluntary sector (single establishment/contract)
£450 (£540 inc VAT)

Public/voluntary sector (multiple establishment/contract)
£750 (£900 inc VAT)

Private sector (including service providers and consultants)
£1,500 (£1,800 incl VAT)

How to subscribe

Additional information

The subscription covers the information that you will need on an ongoing basis. However, the LGA provides additional services which you may wish to access on occasion.

You will have discounted rates on consultancy services. If you have an HR projects that needs delivery and you do not have the capacity or capability in-house, contact us. We have expertise in your sector which may not be available elsewhere.

LGA workforce consultancy service

You will have discounted rates and priority access for events that we organise:

LGA events

If you are interested in attending a non-workforce event, you should first contact a member of the subscription management team.

Finally, as a member of our subscriber network, if there are any other issues you think we could help with, why not give us a try?

We will be happy to give consideration to anything which would support our subscribers, for example, there may be other services you want to purchase and we could explore looking at getting preferential rates if there was enough interest from other subscribers.

How to contact us

Telephone: 020 7664 3000










8 February 2017

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