Timewise Councils Initiative

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1.4 million people work in local government, accounting for five per cent of the total UK workforce, with wages and salaries are a major cost centre for Councils.

In a time of unprecedented pressure on budgets and services, local authorities are keen to find ways of increasing the efficiency of their workforce.

To help councils in that aim, flexibility experts Timewise have launched a Timewise Council accreditation scheme. Timewise is a multi award-winning social business that provides training and advice and recruitment services to many of the UK's leading employers across both public and private sectors.

The Timewise programme

The Timewise accreditation programme supports organisations to drive cultural change and best practice on flexible working, as a way to retain and attract the best talent, and maximise their performance.

Participating organisations will get access to the latest thinking and good practice on driving agile and flexible working from Timewise and LGA associates, to support you to develop practical improvement plans and make change happen across the following four areas:

  • •Flexible Working: actions to use flexible job design and flexible working as an organisational tool to maximise performance for your organisation, managers and people and build a more engaged workforce
  • •Flexible Hiring: actions to attract and retain the best talent by adapting recruitment processes to consider flexible working at the point of hire
  • •Flexible Labour Market: actions to influence employers to stimulate flexibility in the local jobs market as very practical tactic to drive inclusive growth, tackle worklessness and raising family living standards
  • •Flexible Commissioning Market: use flexibility to enhance service delivery and enhance productivity and performance

What is a Timewise Council?

Timewise Councils are local authorities that are recognised for driving transformational change in terms of flexible working practices – both for their own workforce, and also to help stimulate local jobs and growth and to better support families to work.

The Timewise Council accreditation programme helps local authorities take a leadership role on flexible working to support:

  • workforce development: adopting an agile approach to attract and retain the best and most diverse talent
  • jobs and growth: demonstrating the business benefits of flexible working and supporting others to make the change
  • economic development: by stimulating local flexible jobs open to residents currently locked out of work
  • innovation in co-production: by giving local residents more time to contribute to their communities through opportunities to work flexibly and part time.

Local authorities hold a unique position of power and responsibility, making a real difference to the working lives of both their employees and their local residents. Adoption of the London Living Wage has evidenced their leadership role in aligning business practices with local economic regeneration strategies and public service commitments. Leading on flexible working can achieve similar impact.

22 August 2016

Camden Council

In March 2014 Camden Council became the UK's first ever Timewise Council.

Camden Council case study (PDF, 4 pages, 96KB)

Watch Sarah Hayward, Leader of Camden Council speak about being the first Timewise Council.

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