This section is a resource for elected members. It includes induction material to support newly elected councillors, and those newly appointed to the LGA, as well as a signposting service to training and development opportunities. You can also find out about the LGA's Members' Allowance Scheme and access expenses claim forms.


Governance: Code of conduct

Code of conduct

Councillors serving on LGA's member structures, or otherwise undertaking LGA business, are required to operate in accordance with the member code of conduct of their home local authority. 

Governance: Allowances and expences

Members' allowances and expenses

The LGA Constitution allows the LGA Executive  to establish a scheme of payments to councillors attending meetings and other approved duties of the LGA, as well as special responsibility allowances for particular duties.

Governance: Role and induction

Roles and induction

A briefing day is held at the beginning of September each year for all members appointed to the LGA's governance structure. The 2017 Induction Day will be held on Thursday 14 September in Local Government House, London. The programme for the day will be available to download from here in due course.

Governance: Support and training

Support and training

The LGA offers a range of support to councillors to enable them to serve their local communities effectively, further details of which can be found in this section. This includes an annual guide for new councillors; media skills training for senior members' appearing before a select committee; as well as range of leadership development programmes

Governance: Support and training

Regional Groupings

Many councils choose to collaborate at a regional level on issues of common concern.  This section provides information about the regional local government bodies in England. 

Members' Guidance on Data Protection Act

Guidance on those parts of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 which directly affect Elected Members.