Local Government Association

We are the national voice of local government, working with councils to support, promote and improve

Has taxonomy terms (with depth)

Improvement and assurance framework for local government

We aim to map the various elements that provide assurance of the performance of local government and to demonstrate how they all fit together. We hope that this framework will be useful both for councils and the public.

Working with people

'Working with People' is a diverse work stream and is focussed on supporting councils and the wider health and social care system, in their work with people who draw on support across adult social care.

Improving information and advice in adult social care

Adult social care information and advice are essential and getting them right means that people are more likely to be able to make informed choices and access the right support at the right time and place. This can make a big difference for someone and ultimately can improve their health and wellbeing. It also helps councils to manage and prioritise their assessment processes and resources.

Save local services

Councils are facing an inflationary storm. Without Government action, councils face difficult choices such as raising council tax alongside cutting the local services our communities – and economy – rely on.