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Challenge 3: Wiltshire Council

In March the LG Challenge 2024 cohort headed to the South West to tackle their third challenge, hosted by Wiltshire Council.

Financial resilience in children’s services

Alongside the wider LGA corporate finance offer, we have a specific offer to help local authorities to better understand the use of resources and capacity across children’s services and the impact of this on budgets.

Cyber security and resilience blueprint series

The LGA is developing a series of blueprints to support councils review and establish their strategic and operational approach to managing their cyber defences and bolstering their resilience plans in the event of a cyber-attack.

Peer challenges we offer

Our highly valued peer challenge programme supports continuous improvement by providing effective insight, guidance and challenge to enable continuous improvement, as well as assurance to local leaders and residents.

"We need to acknowledge capacity and demand is complex"

Gareth Jenkins is a partner at Changeology Group. For the past 15 years, Gareth has worked in health and social care both as an NHS employee and external consultant. Specialising in transformation, change, performance improvement and productivity, he has worked across the UK and Ireland delivering better outcomes for staff and patients. Changeology have been working with the Better Care Fund (BCF) Support Programme to deliver improvement support in systems. This is the first of a two part blog.

LGA State of the Sector report: The Visitor Economy

As leaders of place, councils play a crucial role in planning and developing their local visitor economies. Councils are direct providers of visitor and tourist attractions, including castles, historic buildings, museums, theatres, galleries, piers and amusement parks, and they act as destination management organisations for their areas.

Local Government Disability Champions Network (LGDCN)

The Local Government Disability Champions Network (LGDCN) is an informal network of council officers and councillors which is open to anyone in local government who has a formal or informal role as a Disability Champion, is Disabled or considers themselves an ally.

Transformation Capability Framework

Our Transformation Capability Framework looks to establish what works well and ‘what good looks like’ in relation to transformation activity across different types of council.