Local Government Association

We are the national voice of local government, working with councils to support, promote and improve

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Improvement and assurance framework for local government

We aim to map the various elements that provide assurance of the performance of local government and to demonstrate how they all fit together. We hope that this framework will be useful both for councils and the public.

Digital technology and data

Rather than seeing changing shopping habits as a threat, it is important for your council to be forward-thinking in how digital opportunities can help town centres develop. As part of COVID-19 recovery, the way in which communities can interact digitally with town centre businesses and services has become more critical.

Employee relations

The LGA is able to provide support to councils when dealing with complex employee relations casework. We have a team of experienced practitioners who

The LGA perspective

The individual In our 2017 State of the Nation report on adult social care funding , we included a series of case studies that described what life is