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Challenge 3: Wiltshire Council

In March the LG Challenge 2024 cohort headed to the South West to tackle their third challenge, hosted by Wiltshire Council.

Financial resilience in children’s services

Alongside the wider LGA corporate finance offer, we have a specific offer to help local authorities to better understand the use of resources and capacity across children’s services and the impact of this on budgets.

Cyber security and resilience blueprint series

The LGA is developing a series of blueprints to support councils review and establish their strategic and operational approach to managing their cyber defences and bolstering their resilience plans in the event of a cyber-attack.

Solve problems

Identify problems, consider options, and select that which most appropriately resolves the issue.

Make decisions

Choose a course of action based on a set of alternatives, to achieve the desired outcomes.

Focus on outcomes

Focus on the specific end objectives of the transformation – the ‘why’ and the ‘what’.

Setting budgets

Plan, allocate, and control financial resources to achieve strategic objectives.

Transformation capabilities: Finance

Finance for transformation includes understanding costs and the drivers for them, and applying commercial acumen to the assessment of transformation initiatives.