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LGA sustainability briefing: the green economy

The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated the UK’s Low Carbon Renewable Energy Economy to be £41.2 billion in 2020, employing over 207,000 full time equivalents in low carbon electricity and heat, energy efficient products, low carbon financial and advisory services and low emissions vehicles and infrastructure.


LGA sustainability briefing: the natural environment

According to the most recent State of Nature report, published in 2023, there has been a 19% decline in the average abundance of wildlife species in the UK since the 1970s. Preservation and restoration of the natural environment is an urgent priority that needs to be addressed by councils and individuals alike.


LGA sustainability briefing: decarbonising transport

Transport is the largest contributor to UK domestic greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022, transport accounted for 26 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions. The majority of transport emissions are from road transport, with cars accounting for 52 per cent of transport emissions.


LGA sustainability briefing: community energy

Energy supply is the second largest contributor to UK domestic greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022, energy supply accounted for 20 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions. Community energy refers to energy projects that are owned, controlled, or directly benefit local communities.


Cyber, digital and technology

This hub brings together an overview of our support offer, and information on upcoming events, relevant publications and notable examples of practice, to improve the secure use of digital technology by councils and communities.

Our support

Our sector support offer for councils continues to be shaped through direct engagement with councils to ensure that they have the support they most need to respond to a wide range of challenges and opportunities.

Podcast transcript (Nudges for Social Good) – north east London councils using behavioural insights to address local health inequalities

Transcript of episode 14 of our behavioural insights podcast – Nudges for Social Good – in which Vickie Rowland (former public health practitioner at the London Borough of Havering) and Stéphanie Renucci (managing director and founder of insight and innovation agency UNPITCHD) discuss how they have been using behavioural insights to address local health inequalities by increasing the uptake of health checks offered by the NHS.

Save local services: Council reserves are not the solution

Councils hold financial reserves so they can plan for the future. They often come under pressure to use reserves to plug ongoing budget gaps but using reserves is not the solution to the financial pressures councils are facing.