LGA responds to ADASS release on community care

"With people living longer, increases in costs and decreases in funding, adult social care is at breaking point."


Responding to the press release by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services on community care, Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Chairman of the Local Government Association’s Community Wellbeing Board, said:

“With people living longer, increases in costs and decreases in funding, adult social care is at breaking point.

“Since July 2017 councils have reduced the average number of delayed transfers of care due to social care by 33 per cent despite significant funding pressures. To help councils build on this work and help reduce pressures on the NHS, adult social care needs to be put on an equal footing with the health service.

“Councils have proven that they are making a considerable difference and it is important that the Government shifts its focus from treating DTOCs as a symptom of system pressures and towards tackling the root cause of those pressures. We need to see much greater investment in social care, primary care and other community services and, as a starting point, maximum flexibility over the use of the recently announced £240 million funding.

“Over recent years, councils have protected adult social care relative to other services. But the scale of the overall funding picture for local government as a whole means adult social care services still face a £3.5 billion funding gap by 2025, just to maintain existing standards of care. The likely consequences of this are more and more people being unable to get quality and reliable care and support, which enables them to live more fulfilling lives.

“Action is needed, which is why, following government’s decision to delay its green paper on adult social care, the LGA published our own green paper consultation to drive forward the public debate on what sort of care and support we need to improve people’s wellbeing and independence, the need to focus on prevention work, and, crucially, how we fund these vital services.”

Notes to editors

  • Since July 2017, delays due to social care have fallen by 33 per cent, while delays due to the NHS have fallen by 12 per cent.
  • Download the LGA’s green paper. The consultation closed on 26 September.
  • The LGA will respond to the findings in a further publication in the autumn, which will be used to influence the Government’s own expected green paper and Spending Review.
  • The LGA’s response to additional funding for adult social care winter pressures.
  • Recent surveys by the LGA show that 96 per cent of councils and lead members believe there is a major funding problem with adult social care; 89 per cent said taxation must be part of the long-term solution to funding it, and that 87 per cent of the public support more funding to plug the significant funding gap in the sector.
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The LGA green paper for adult social care and wellbeing

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