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Person with white gloves holding up vaccine

LGA responds to COVID-19 vaccination changes

It is clear that the success of the vaccination programme has allowed us to live with COVID-19. But the threat of new variants still remains a concern, particularly for those who are more vulnerable in our communities.

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Hands holding a mobile phone indoors

LGA: Digital Health Check ‘not a replacement’ to in-person appointments

Making more digital health checks available is a useful tool to detect certain illnesses but it should be treated as an addition to not a replacement of a physical health check

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Colourful canteen meals

Concerning food inflation rise impacts on children’s health - LGA responds to SAPHNA report into children’s health and cost of living

The value of the Healthy Start voucher scheme for families should be increased to keep pace with the rising cost of food.

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A group of people surrounded by trees exercising running on the spot

LGA responds to NHS pay agreement

It is positive that the Government has acted on calls from the LGA to fund increases in pay for hard working NHS staff working in council commissioned community services.

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Beautiful sky sunset , sun and clouds landscape in a natural background

LGA responds to Heat Health Alert announcement

No-one is immune to the power of the sun and we know that there is growing evidence to suggest that extreme heat has an adverse effect on our health.

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sexual health

Sexual health services at risk of breaking point: LGA responds to UKHSA statistics on new STI diagnoses

These new statistics continue to show that local council-commissioned sexual health services are at risk of breaking point, with rising demand coming at the same time as real terms cuts to funding

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Rise in alcohol dependency heaps pressure on council services – LGA on PAC report into alcohol treatment

This stark evidence shows a concerning increase in harmful alcohol dependency across the country since the pandemic.

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Part of a man's face while he smokes an e-cigarette

Keep vapes out of sight of children – LGA on ASH survey on e-cigarette use among 11 to 17 year olds

To tackle this issue and ensure vaping is kept out of reach of children, vapes should be sold in plain packaging and be out-of-sight behind the counter

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Older woman leaning on kitchen table checking her smart meter

Cost of living a ‘second health emergency’ after COVID – councils and public health directors

Local health chiefs are warning that the increase in costs of essential food items and energy has created a ‘second health emergency’ after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A cyclist riding in the countryside

Significant challenges remain for public health services – LGA on public health settlement

Significant challenges remain for public health services

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