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LGA responds to RAC study of road bridges

"Flooding events in recent weeks have shown how vital bridges are in linking together communities and enabling shoppers and local traders to go about their business and they are of critical importance to our national economy."

London bus in motion

LGA responds to bus and cycling funding announcement

"It is essential that councils can use this new funding to protect services and reverse the reductions in local bus routes forced on local authorities from the £700 million annual funding gap councils face in providing the concessionary fares scheme."


LGA responds to bus services announcement

“Local bus services can be a lifeline to older and vulnerable residents and can also play a key role in tackling congestion and reducing greenhouse gases"


LGA responds to funding announcement for on-street charge points

Cllr David Renard responds to the announcement by the Transport Secretary that funding for on-street charge points is to double.


LGA - Local buses clocking lowest mileage in decades

Local buses are travelling almost 150 million fewer miles than they were 10 years ago and have fallen to their lowest level since the mid-Eighties.


LGA responds to RAC pothole breakdown figures

Councils are on the side of all road users, fixing a pothole every 17 seconds and want to work with government to tackle our national road repairs backlog.


LGA responds to RAC Foundation report on parking income

“Councils are on the side of motorists and shoppers when setting parking policies, which aim to make sure that there are spaces available for residents, high streets are kept vibrant and traffic is kept moving."


LGA responds to electric charging point league table

Air pollution is a public health emergency and councils are increasingly focusing work on protecting their communities from the impact of harmful emissions.


LGA responds to DfT backing for roads funding

“Councils are on the side of all road users, and are working hard to try and keep our roads safe and resilient, and despite significant funding pressures, are fixing a pothole every 17 seconds."


LGA responds to the Campaign for Better Transport report on bus funding

“The findings of this report reinforce the need for ongoing investment in local bus services."