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Budget 2017: LGA responds to greener transport measures

“We look forward to seeing more details on these proposals, but it’s essential that any new responsibilities on transport that councils take on are fully funded, and that they are given whatever resources they need to put the appropriate infrastructure in place.”

Electric car being charged

Budget 2020: LGA responds to electric vehicle charging and air quality funding announcements

“This will help tackle climate change and the air quality challenges in our towns and cities."

A girl sat on a bus looking out the window

Bus funding extended after council warnings – LGA on cash extension

The LGA has been calling on the Government to urgently step in to ensure thousands of vital bus routes in April are not lost.

Solitary bus going down a country road

Bus passenger journeys continue to fall to lowest level in a decade, councils warn

"Buses provide a vital service for our communities and a lifeline for our most vulnerable residents to go shopping, pick up medication, attend doctor appointments or socialise with friends. Councils know how important buses are for their residents and local economies and are desperate to protect them."


Bus passenger journeys fall again, reaching lowest level in a decade

The amount of people using buses in England each year has fallen to its lowest level in a decade – down to 4.38 billion passenger journeys across the country in 2016/17.


Bus passenger journeys fall to lowest level in a decade, councils warn

The number of people using buses in England each year has fallen to its lowest level in a decade.


Bus routes face axe unless emergency funding support extended

“Government funding has helped keep buses on the road, allowing operators to close the gap between the costs of providing local public transport and the reduced revenues from much lower numbers of passengers than normal"

Stagecoach bus on street

Coronavirus: Bus services taking health and care staff to work need rescue package

Bus services which are vital in getting health and care staff and other key workers to the frontline during the coronavirus outbreak will struggle to survive without emergency rescue funding, the Local Government Association says today. The LGA, which represents councils, is concerned that some bus companies and services will not be able to survive the crisis, as the number of passengers has fallen sharply – in some places 75 per cent - with most people now rightly staying safe at home. It wants to work with government on an emergency funding package for buses and council-run public

A cyclist riding in the countryside

Coronavirus: LGA on measures to promote cycling and walking

“Council are leading local efforts to protect communities from coronavirus and will be central to the nation's recovery. We are pleased the Government has announced measures today to allow councils to help the country transition to the new way we will need to travel around, including to and from work."

Street lights against a pitch black sky

Councils warn of spiralling cost of street lighting and pothole repairs due to increasing energy cost and inflation

Councils are facing massive increases in costs due to spiralling inflation and the increase in energy costs, the Local Government Association (LGA) are warning today.