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A woman on a laptop searching for a job

2021 Local Government Apprentice of the Year announced

Karla Overington, Business Administration Apprentice at West Sussex County Council has been named as the 2021 Local Government Apprentice of the Year.

Apprentices looking to the screen

2022 Local Government Apprentice of the Year announced

Chantelle Holt from North Norfolk District Council has been named as the 2022 Local Government Apprentice of the Year.

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Addressing post-pandemic long-term unemployment needs targeted local solutions

“As democratically elected leaders and place shapers, local government is the natural partner of central government and is ideally placed to try and ensure that those out of work as a result of the pandemic are supported back into employment as quickly as possible.”

A woman on a laptop searching for a job

COBRA-style action needed to save 'lost generation' of young people

The Government needs to use the Spending Review to devolve careers advice, post-16 and skills budgets and powers to local areas. This would allow councils, schools, colleges and employers to work together to improve provision for young people so that they can get on in life.


Coronavirus: LGA responds to key workers definition

“Across the country, councils and their staff - are on the frontline in the battle against this disease"

Mature student with hand up in a class

Cost of living: Record vacancies masks jobs disparity reality across the country

“The Government’s ‘one size fits all’ national approach to employment and skills is no longer fit for purpose. Councils and combined authorities – who know their communities best – want to be front and centre in ensuring everyone has the chance to learn new skills and find work, in good jobs needed by local businesses, in the places where they live.” 

A woman on a laptop searching for a job

Councils warn vacancies will be unfilled and in demand jobs at risk if community courses are cut

Future teachers, carers and nurses could be held back from realising their potential and risk stifling economic growth if proposed cuts to community learning courses goes ahead, councils warn today.

Devolve powers and funding to get more young people into work, LGA says as NEET numbers rise

“With more than 790,000 young people not in education, employment or training it is vital that more young people have the opportunities to increase their skills and retrain, so we can drive up productivity and start to close local skills gaps."


LGA launches Return to Work campaigns to support professionals back into work

Three Return to Work campaigns – focusing on ICT, planning and legal – will identify and provide skilled professionals with free training or resources, so they can restart their highly-valued roles and support councils with their COVID-19 recovery strategies.

Carpenter Training Male Apprentice using a saw

LGA responds to EDSK report calling for more skills devolution

“As this report highlights, we need to move away from a top-down, centralised approach to skills. Employment support should also be devolved to local leaders to get the best value for money from the billions currently spent by government on various disjointed national schemes."