Apprenticeships Maturity Model

The Apprenticeships Maturity Model is a self-assessment tool developed by the LGA for local authorities to use to benchmark their performance on apprenticeships.

Created by the LGA in December 2017, the Maturity Model provides a framework for local authorities to develop and grow their apprenticeship programme and offers best practice ideas from around the sector to help councils put their programme on a sustainable footing.

The Maturity Model has proved to be one of the LGA’s most popular tools and has been used by councils across England to assess and review their performance on apprenticeships. The tool has also been adapted by other areas of the public sector, like the NHS, to help them benchmark and develop their own programmes.

There are five key strands to the Maturity Model, each covering a different element of a successful apprenticeships programme. These cover Leadership and Culture; Procurement and Provider Management; Workforce Development; Planning, Delivery Structures and Processes; and Engagement.

It employs a simple method of assessment, with each strand containing four stages – Early, Developing, Maturing and Mature to highlight key outcomes and milestones as an apprenticeship programme progresses. For a council to secure a particular rating they must have completed all of the elements listed under that rating. Intermediate ratings are available if a council has made some – but not all – of the required progress of the next level up (e.g. If a council has completed everything listed under Developing in the Leadership and Culture strand but only three things listed under higher ratings then they could award themselves a ‘Developing +’ rating to denote this progress).

The Maturity Model now underpins the bulk of the LGA’s apprenticeships support programme, with webinars, action learning and the Apprenticeships MOT process all heavily based around the elements and principles of the model.

You can download a copy of the Apprenticeships Maturity Model here.

For more information on the Maturity Model or any other aspect of the LGA’s Apprenticeships Support Programme, please contact Apprenticeships Adviser Jamie Saddler on