Councillor Dan Humphreys

What I love most is knowing that I have an impact on residents’ everyday lives.

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I have been interested in politics ever since I can remember, so it was never in doubt that I would study politics at university. Since then I have never looked back. When I finished my degree, I was lucky enough to start my career for Tourism South East, working with the local community and businesses as their main link to government, representing them on all the main issues that affected them. 

I ran for election to Worthing Borough Council in May 2011, five years later I am Leader of the council and enjoying every minute of the challenge. What I love most about what I do is knowing that I really have an impact on residents’ everyday lives, from making sure vital services such as the weekly bin collection, grass cutting and hygiene inspections are protected to driving forward plans for regenerating the areas of the borough that need improving.

My enthusiasm has only grown greater over the last five years, after seeing and experiencing the real difference that local councillors can make. And I love Worthing. I chose to raise my family here and as a resident I can see all of the things that I want to do to make my area even better. I have three daughters so when I’m not working you can find me with them on Worthing’s fantastic beach or in the swimming pool and playgrounds.

Conservative, Leader of Worthing Borough Council