Benefits and working for the LGA

The Local Government Association aims to create a working environment in which the resources of a highly experienced, well motivated workforce are marshalled to promote better local government. Salary



If you are directly employed by the LGA (i.e. not on secondment) salaries will be paid monthly (on or around the 12th day of the month) by means of credit transfer into your bank account. If you are seconded to the LGA, you will remain an employee of your exporting organisation for the duration of the secondment. You will be paid your current salary if it falls within the salary range for the post. If your salary is below the minimum point in the range, then the LGA will ask your organisation to top up your salary to the minimum point in the range and will pay this amount plus on-costs on receipt of invoices. If your salary is above the maximum point in this range you should obtain support from your existing employer that they are prepared to pay the difference between the salary for the post and your existing salary whilst seconded to the LGA. The exporting organisation will be responsible for your salary, plus employers on costs and will invoice the LGA on a quarterly basis.

Hours of work

LGA full-time hours are 35 hours per week, Monday to Friday.

Flexible Working

The LGA has a transitional flexible working policy which has been implemented during the pandemic in early 2021 and will be kept under review for at least six months.

The LGA flexible working approach is based on four core principles:

  • The LGA is a national membership body and we exist to deliver services to our member councils. The needs of our business must be our priority.
  • In setting patterns for flexible working, employees must have regard for the impact on colleagues, on LGA elected members, on partners and stakeholders and critically, on our membership.
  • There is no one-size fits all when it comes to flexible working. Different roles have different requirements at different times of the year and from time to time these may change. Flexible working includes having the flexibility to adapt your working arrangements to meet the changing needs of our business.
  • Flexible working is based on a culture of trust and personal responsibility. Employees are responsible for managing their time and their work to deliver their role and meet their contractual requirements; managers work on the basis that people can be trusted to manage their own time effectively. 

An office-based contract, you must go into 18 Smith Square at least once a week. However, this may vary significantly between different roles and from week to week. When and how often you go into the office will depend first and foremost on the needs of the business and secondly on your own personal preference for where you work. That means some weeks you may need to go into the office for your maximum contracted hours, whilst others will only require you to be office-based for the minimum.

LGA employees may be employed on one of two contracts, depending on their role.

Office-based with non-contractual flexible working

Employees may be full time or part time and are based at 18 Smith Square. Working patterns and attendance in the office can be flexible, provided that the individual is able to deliver their role and meet the needs of the business, without adversely impacting on the work of colleagues.  This contract includes an allowance (equivalent to the current London Weighting) as a contribution towards the cost of living within commuter range of 18 Smith Square, of regular travel to the office and of working from home on those days when you are not required to come in.

Contractual home-based

Employees may be full or part time and are based at home although may make occasional use of hot-desking facilities in 18 Smith Square. This contract includes a tax-free annual allowance set annually by HMRC towards the cost of working from home. This allowance is currently £312. The LGA pays all work-related travel costs incurred by contractual home-based employees.

Contract type

The LGA offers a number of contract types - Fixed Term, Permanent and Secondments. The exact details for the role that you are applying for will be in the relevant job advert. If applying for a secondment opportunity please ensure that you have the permission of your current employer before submitting your application.


18 Smiths Square is based in the heart of Westminster in the leafy square surrounding St John’s Church close to shops and amenities, Local Government House provides an influential position and a prestigious single base for local government. Local Government House is arranged as an open plan building offering tea and coffee points and quiet rooms on each floor, air conditioned meeting rooms, staff rooms, a roof garden, bicycle storage facilities and shower facilities.

Annual leave and statutory holidays

LGA annual leave entitlement is 28 days, rising to 30 days after three years service and to 32 days after five years service. In addition to annual leave, you are entitled to statutory holidays occurring during the contract period. In the first and last years of service, you are entitled to annual leave proportionate to the completed months of service in that year. If seconded to a role, annual leave entitlement will remain as per current employment terms and conditions.


Staff on LGA Grades 1- 4

If you resign from your post you are required to give 4 weeks notice in writing. If your employment is terminated by the employer, you will be entitled to 4 weeks notice or one weeks notice per completed year of service up to a maximum of 12 weeks, whichever is greater.

Staff on LGA Grade 5 and above

The notice period will be 12 weeks notice in writing from either party. If on secondment, early termination prior to expiry of the agreed period will be subject to discussion and consultation between the exporting organisation, the LGA and yourself and be subject to one month’s notice from either party.

Performance review

The LGA operates a performance review scheme. The aims of the scheme are to help individuals to perform their role to the best of their ability and to develop their career to reach their full potential.

Whole time service You will be expected to devote your whole time service to the work of the LGA and you shall not engage in any other business or take up any other appointment without the approval of the Chief Executive.

Political impartiality

Although LGA posts are not subject to the same political restrictions as local authorities, you will be expected to behave in ways, which express clear political impartiality and will not be able to take up any public political office without the approval of the Chief Executive. This excludes roles in the LGA Political Groups.

Sickness payments

The LGA applies the scheme agreed by the National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government Services. If seconded, this will remain as per your current employment terms and conditions.


Only applicable to LGA employed staff. You will automatically be enrolled into the Local Government Pension Scheme. You will be required to contribute a percentage of your salary and the LGA will also contribute to the scheme on your behalf. Further information, including current contribution rates can be found on the Local Government Pension Scheme website.

Season ticket loan
  • Only applicable to LGA employed staff
  • All employees may apply for an interest-free season ticket loan to assist in their travel to and from work.
Medical and other family benefits

The LGA recognises that most individuals at some time in their lives experience personal or work related problems. The LGA offers access to a confidential employee assistance programme managed by Health Assured.

The LGA administers the ‘Simply Health’ cash plan health care scheme. Through deductions direct from source you can join a family or individual scheme which can contribute towards the cost of eye care, dental treatment and private treatment. The amount you contribute varies according to the plan you register for. The LGA operates a voucher scheme for the provision of eye care to employees. All employees are entitled to one eye care voucher per year (up to a maximum of £20).

The LGA also offers a Cycle to Work Initiative which is a salary sacrifice scheme which gives you the chance to save on the cost of a new bike as well as security and safety equipment to go with it.

Equal opportunities

The LGA is committed to providing equal opportunities for existing and potential members of staff. It is a condition of employment that all members of staff comply with the equality and diversity policy, further information can be found on our equality and diversity page.