Sustainability – changing conversation: incorporating climate change into the health and social care reforms

The LGA in association with the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) have produced a short publication targeted at local authorities, health and wellbeing boards, commissioning groups and health services. It shows how climate change should be part of the conversations about the new structures, responsibilities and ways of working in health and social care. As examples in the publication show, a relatively small investment now in strategic thinking and information gathering could make a big difference to the effectiveness of local action.

Changing climate, changing conversations builds on a workshop hosted by the LGA and Social Care Institute for Excellence in July 2011 to discuss how climate change can be incorporated into the health and social care reforms.

Despite evidence to the contrary, climate change can still feel like ‘tomorrow's problem', especially at a time when so much else is changing and local areas race to implement reforms to health and social care. With so much to do to develop new structures and ways of working, there is a danger that climate change will move down, or even off, the agenda.

But incorporating climate change into their approach and activities can help local authorities and new health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) to more effectively fulfil strategic responsibilities such as:

  • assessing need and tackling health inequalities
  • leading communities
  • managing risk
  • improving community resilience

For more in-depth information download the publication:


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