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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Unabridged version: Good Gym

Good Gym, Tower Hamlets, London Delivery organisation The Good Gym Funding Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust (PCT), less than £10,000

Unabridged version: Teapot Course

The Teapot Course, Norwich Delivery organisation Norwich Community Workshop and Norwich Castle Museum, as part of the Skills for Life course.

Unabridged version: Families Fit for Life, Knowsley

Families Fit for Life, Knowsley Delivery organisation Homestart Knowsley and Knowsley Council Funding Big Lottery Fund (BIG) funding, programme value unknown

The Breathing Spaces Project - Be active, Keep Learning, Give

This project, developed by Prism Youth Project, based at Prism City Farm, aims to provide 12 to 21-year-olds with opportunities to engage in horticultural and other farm and animal-based activities. By facilitating these types of activities (or what is known as ‘ecotherapy' - green exercise and other learning activities) improvements are made around the young people's wellbeing and mental health.

Network of councils generates digital advertising income

Birmingham City Council recognises the role advertising can play in most council’s income generation strategy as they look for alternative means to help fund services for citizens.

Efficiency and income generation

Council's ‘Best fit’ approach review services and how they are used to make savings

The council has established four companies with three more expected in the next six months. It  also created a charitable trust to deliver leisure services, and a company – jointly owned by Cheshire East Council and Cheshire West Council – to provide back office HR, Finance & IT services. 900 of their staff have transferred into these ASDVs.

Efficiency and income generation

Using property investment to boost commercialisation

Eastleigh Borough Council’s main area of commercialisation has been in respect of property. The council has been pursuing the purchase of a range pf property assets which generate a high investment yield.

Efficiency and income generation

Developing strategic partnerships with a private sector organisations

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council is currently in the process of developing a strategic partnership with a private sector organisation.

Efficiency and income generation

People in Public Health Lay Summary

The Centre for Health Promotion Research at Leeds Metropolitan University, have produced a lay summary for the dissemination of accessible research-based information from the People in Public Health study which will support better engagement with citizens to co-produce better health and well-being outcomes. See summary document below: