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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Children and young people

The following examples suggest ideas to help you create a culture and sport outcomes framework for children and young people. Don't be constrained by them; you can refer to the examples as much or as little as you want.

Salford Community Safety Partnership – Project Gulf

Organised crime is a national problem which has a corrosive effect on communities, manifesting itself in a prevalence of drug abuse, prostitution, anti-social behaviour and violence. Historically, Salford has a number of organised crime groups (OCGs) operating in its area.

PCC case studies - The Minerva project

"Hull Prison houses 1,040 offenders at any time. Nationally, the average cost of an offender in prison for a year is between £40,000 and £50,000. In the year ending March 2008, 403 prisoners had been released from Hull Prison directly into Hull.

Enfield’s award-winning approach to tackling gangs and serious youth violence

Enfield was awarded the first prize and the Popularity Award in the 2012 National Tilley Awards for innovative work to address gangs and serious youth violence.

Safe Newcastle

As in many cities, anti-social behaviour is a key issue for the residents of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Safe Newcastle, Newcastle's community safety partnership (CSP), prioritises anti-social behaviour and facilitates multi-agency efforts to reduce the impact of anti-social behaviour (ASB) on communities through delivery in a partnership between agencies and communities.

PCC - Baroness Newlove Project & Alcohol Awareness - Chelmsford City Council

In Chelmsford the night time economy and the management of it is extremely important.  With a licensed capacity of 15,000 and events held to attract customers from across Essex and North London it is a vibrant place which makes a significant contribution to the local economy. 

PCC - A partnership approach to tackling anti-social behaviour in Cornwall

Polling carried out prior to the PCC elections identified anti-social behaviour (ASB) as the top concern for voters, with 71 per cent suggesting ASB be included as one of the PCC's top three priorities. This was matched by polling of PCC candidates, 69 per cent of whom declared that ASB would be their top priority.

PCC - Gateshead safer neighbourhoods

This example demonstrates how councils and partners working together contributes towards delivering the safer Gateshead priority of protecting and supporting vulnerable victims and communities. 

Derbyshire Integrated Offender Management: the first 12 months

The first 12 months of the Derbyshire Integrated Offender Management (IOM) scheme has seen criminal justice staff and partners working with approximately 300 prolific, acquisitive and violent offenders.

Community safety - PCC - Blackpool Night Safe Haven

Following piloting a small provision and a combined Police and Ambulance Rapid Response Vehicle provision, the Blackpool Night Safe Haven was piloted on a larger scale during 2011 and later rolled out as a permanent service.