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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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People in Public Health Lay Summary

The Centre for Health Promotion Research at Leeds Metropolitan University, have produced a lay summary for the dissemination of accessible research-based information from the People in Public Health study which will support better engagement with citizens to co-produce better health and well-being outcomes. See summary document below:

Finding alternatives to cutting costs

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham has taken a strategic approach to commercialisation and now has in post a director of customer and business development to lead this work across the authority.

Efficiency and income generation

Council's commercial team helps procurement

Leeds City Council has a commercial team as part of its Public Private Partnerships and Procurement Unit which was established in 2001.

Efficiency and income generation

Commercial skills training for council employees

Warrington Borough Council runs an open access programme of five half-day commercial skills training modules for its employees.

Efficiency and income generation

Council forms company to handle its interim and temporary recruitment

Wolverhampton City Council was spending on average £7.5 million a year on temporary and interim workers. It was suggested that rather than paying private companies to do this it should be done through a Council owned company. YOO Recruit was established as a Wholly Owned Company in February 2014 and started trading in April 2014.

Efficiency and income generation

Addressing community needs through an enterprising, commercial approach

Woking Borough Council uses a commercial approach rather than grants to achieve social, economic, environmental and well-being outcomes for local residents.

Efficiency and income generation

Asset investment strategy supports local businesses and brings income for council

Guildford Borough Council, like many authorities, owns a variety of investment property. The council acquired the assets over a number of years to facilitate the economic development of the borough and generate rental income that helps support the wider financial position of the council.

Efficiency and income generation

Exploring commercial opportunities to boost councils' income

Manchester City Council is exploring a number of commercial opportunities, including the following examples: The Council has entered into a major roadside advertising contract, including significant media space, for Manchester City Council to drive channel shift, promote events, etc. This has been running for four years.

Efficiency and income generation

Income generation workstream aims to identify and release potential sources of income

The fundamental purpose of the IGW is to empower services to identify, investigate and realise potential sources of income. In order to deliver on this goal, the IGW brought together legal, financial and commercial expertise from across the Council, as well as appointing two dedicated posts for business development and sales.

Efficiency and income generation

Bristol City Council: Bringing open data to life

The city has a thriving digital economy and large-scale ambitions to grow this further. The council has been prepared to invest, take risks around the digital agenda and be an early adopter of new technologies.

Data and transparency