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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Hampshire – financial management for older people

Summary Hampshire County Council sees financial capability as an aspect of wellbeing for older people, who often say "money matters" are among their top concerns. Hampshire is working in partnership to provide information and guidance for older people not intensively using services.

Assessment Centre Recruitment for Social Workers in Children’s Social Care

Computer-based simulation training for prospective social workers.

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South Staffordshire – housing aids for independent living

Summary Local authorities and third-sector organisations in South Staffordshire have come together to provide housing aids and adaptations to help people live independently at home. Streamlining applications, assessments and provision has resulted in a reduction in costs of 40 per cent and huge cuts in waiting times.

Tower Hamlets – reducing overcrowding

Summary Top housing priority for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is reducing severe overcrowding. Overcrowding contributes to mental health problems and transmission of infectious diseases. The council is undertaking an ambitious building and buy-back programme, along with other innovative measures to reduce overcrowding.

Plymouth – an integrated approach to financial capability

Plymouth City Council has partnered with Citizens Advice and other local partners to promote financial capability. This includes money advice and income maximisation, targeting particularly disadvantaged groups. The council sees this work as a way of tackling health inequalities.

Leeds – financial literacy and financial inclusion strategy

Summary As part of its financial inclusion strategy, Leeds City Council has developed programmes on financial capability. These include work with young children, as well as programmes for primary schools and older children. Financial capability training is also given to council staff by the Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB).

Building Brighter Smiles – Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Faced with very poor oral health in young children and significant inequalities throughout the district, Bradford Metropolitan District Council has prioritised the oral health of young children, including it in its Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Inequalities Action Plan.

Smile4Life – Lancashire and Cumbria

Children in Lancashire and Cumbria have poorer dental health compared to children in other parts of England. The Smile4Life programme was developed in partnership with local authorities to address this problem.

Suffolk Smiles part of the Healthy Child Programme – Suffolk County Council

While oral health in Suffolk is generally good, just over 18 per cent of five-year-olds already have dental decay and in some parts of the county nearly a quarter have one or more decayed teeth.

Book and Brush at Bedtime with Dinosaur Douglas – London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

This project focuses on younger children and includes: