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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Reducing harm from cold weather – local government's new public health role

Although winter weather and snow can be fun for some, these weather conditions are also associated with an increase in illness and injuries. Cold weather increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes, lung illnesses, flu and other diseases. People slip and fall in the snow or ice, sometimes suffering serious injuries.

Outcomes framework: Health and wellbeing

Cumbria County Council Cumbria have developed an outcomes framework for the contribution of the arts to health. This is still work in progress but the development of the framework is being used to build new partnerships and the possibility of the arts being commissioned to deliver key health outcomes.

Bristol City Council's wind turbines

Bristol City Council is the first authority in the UK to develop and own wind turbines. The two turbines are predicted to generate 14.4 gigawatts (GWh) annually.

Council creates trading companies to improve delivery methods and increase income

This was followed by another report in July 2013 to agree the Council’s Investment Strategy. As part of the July 2013 report, the Cabinet approved that the recommended governance arrangements were put in place in order to consider individual investment opportunities and to provide advice to Cabinet on investment decisions.

Efficiency and income generation

Hampshire County Council

The statutory requirement to advertise public notices is an area of significant spend for councils in Hampshire.

Birmingham – the Big City Plan

Birmingham's Big City Plan sets out a vision for the transformation of Birmingham's City Centre and sets out to create a world class city centre.

Regenerating Victoria

Westminster City Council is committed to securing the regeneration of the Victoria area and the need for its comprehensive redevelopment is recognised in planning policy at both regional and local levels.

Redeveloping Earls Court - Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea & London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

The Earl's Court redevelopment site spans approximately 28 hectares (69 acres). The site includes the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, a railway depot and the Gibbs Green and West Kensington housing estates. The developer has submitted two planning applications to two local authorities, as the site spans two areas.

Wellingborough - Stanton Cross Sustainable Urban Extension

The Borough Council of Wellingborough is progressing the development of a 360 hectare Sustainable Urban Extension site. The development represents a £500 million investment, anticipated to create between six and seven thousand local jobs and 200 construction jobs. Investment in infrastructure totals £80 million and includes a new railway station and a new 1000 space car park.

Liverpool – speeding up the development of potentially contaminated land

Potential land contamination may affect any development site and it is a pre-commencement requirement for these risks to be assessed. Developers appoint environmental consultants to undertake investigations and provide them with advice; however in many cases the quality of investigations carried out can vary (often due to commercial pressures from developers when tendering for work).