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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Blackpool: Providing dedicated support to sex workers

Blackpool Council has an integrated alcohol, drugs and sexual health support service for all residents known as Horizon and delivered by a partnership of different organisations.

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Bristol: Encouraging the black community to use PrEP

Bristol city council and local NHS have made HIV prevention for people of African or Caribbean heritage a key priority.

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Brighton and Hove: How a PrEP app is helping manage demand

A digital pathway for PrEP has been developed  in Brighton and Hove to allow people to manage their PrEP digitally, reducing the number of appointments they need to attend A community clinic has also been set up and has had great success in engaging seldom-seen groups

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Liverpool: Making it easier to access PrEP

Liverpool’s sexual health service provider Axess has improved access by setting up a PrEP Express service from its three sexual health clinics.

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London: Raising awareness through a multi-media marketing campaign

32 London boroughs started collaborating on HIV prevention marketing campaigns 10 years ago when the Do It London brand was launched by the London HIV Prevention Programme.

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Southwest: Creating a sex positive PrEP message for wider populations

Councils in the south west started looking at ways of increasing equity of access of PrEP in other groups to address this in late 2021.

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Derbyshire: Spreading knowledge far and wide

The integrated sexual health service has created an HIV Pledge for local organisations and individuals to sign up to.

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Bath and North East Somerset Council: Digital Transformation - supporting hospital discharge through a shared referral management system, a partnership between acute care and community services

A digital solution designed to assist a two-way conversation between hospital staff and patients to assist discharge. A simple online referral form helps patients put in place the support they need as they prepare to go home from hospital.  The form focuses on eight areas of need, with priority given to discharge dependent services delivered by third sector partners.  A dashboard view enables ward staff to keep up to date with the progress of referrals and third sector partners are able to work together to deliver a more co-ordinated approach to care.

Bournemouth: A multi-agency response to railway-related deaths

In Bournemouth, a cluster of suicides linked to the railways led to targeted action by public health, council, transport and community partners. The response included a strong focus on communications, helping to change how the local media reports on suicide and mental health.

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Camden and Islington: A psychotherapy service for care-experienced young adults

The two London boroughs of Camden and Islington have used some of their suicide prevention funding to provide a dedicated psychotherapy service for young adults leaving care. Tailored support is delivered in community settings through a local voluntary sector partner, the Brandon Centre.

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