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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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'My Neighbourhood’ – delivering innovative locality-based services addressing residents and their social needs

Improving the quality of life of residents within specific neighbourhoods in the Harrogate District.

A regional approach to assessing the risk of market failure

The East Midlands Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) Network group commissioned a project on how to assess the risk of market failure at a regional and sub-regional level. This project was based on the premise that early communication between authorities can enable interventions to prevent market failure, or help manage the impact of any failure. The project was supported by the LGA through the Care and Health Improvement Programme (CHIP).

A single view of a child’s record

A single view of a child’s record​​​​​​​As part of its strategic plan, Wigan Council aimed to develop a system which would deliver a single view of a child’s record which is shared across multiple agencies.

Efficiency and income generation

A smarter approach to digital transformation

A partnership of councils are jointly funding a responsive, independent, not-for-profit consultancy, Smarter Digital Services, to help them to achieve their digital ambitions.

Active Family Challenge (Bristol City Council

The project context The Active Family Challenge was set up to encourage children away from the TV and computer and increase their physical activity levels. It was also designed to provide research for Bristol City Council into gaps in services. It aimed to find out whether focusing on the whole family would increase activity.

Active Herts

Active Herts is a research led and independently evaluated project which uses evidence-based behaviour change techniques to support inactive adults to increase their physical activity levels.

Adult Social Care Front Door: Lambeth

In 2015 the adult social care pathway was re-designed and a team established to manage people seeking care and support, called the Initial Contact Service. This case study forms part of our productivity experts resource.

Efficiency and income generation

Advisory services to London Digital Mental Wellbeing Service "Good Thinking"

The London Mental Digital Wellbeing Service enables Londoners to assess their own mental health, get information about how to look after their own wellbeing, access support, and connect with others - including mental health professionals. PHEBI applied an underpinning behaviour change framework, used low cost interventions to optimise the flow of users to and through the digital space, and advised on the selection and offer of apps for wellbeing support – all based on existing theory and evidence.

Efficiency and income generation

Alternative approaches to affordable housing calculation - Teignbridge District Council

This project was undertaken on behalf of a partnership of local authorities led by Teignbridge District Council and including the other Greater Exeter Strategic Partnership authorities.