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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Communication-friendly environments in the early years

The schools’ forum-funded Schools Support Partnership employs a Speech and Language Therapist working with Rutland Early Years settings, developing practitioners’ knowledge, understanding and confidence to support Speech Language and Communication skills.

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London Borough of Wandsworth: Using a place-based approach and working with the community to seek longer term solutions

Wandsworth Council is committed to supporting residents through cost of living pressures and has developed a range of immediate actions through a community-focused cost of living programme.

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Wiltshire Council: Creating a county-wide network of volunteer energy advisers

Wiltshire Council has enlisted the help of library staff and community groups to provide basic energy advice to local residents. The staff and groups can volunteer for online training on issues around energy efficiency, providing an accessible community-based resource across the county.

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Share the Warmth: Using behavioural insights to reduce energy usage among homeowners

The LGA funded a consortium of nine local authorities from Kent and Medway and the NHS in collaboration with The Behaviouralist to develop an intervention that leveraged behavioural insights to encourage local residents to reduce energy usage at home

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St Helens Together: Supporting the borough through cost of living challenges

For St Helens Borough Council, research had shown fuel and food poverty was going to be a big issue for the borough. A Cost of Living Action Group was set up with partners to identify where support was needed to be targeted and how they could work together to support those in need. The council with partners, have set up a network of warm spaces for residents, support sessions and supported food banks in the community through generous donations and fundraising.

Using behavioural insights to improve mental health for children and young people in the North East of England

Children and young people's mental health has been deteriorating increasingly fast since the COVID pandemic and has become a key area of concern for local authorities.

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Sevenoaks District Council: Young person mentoring scheme

A pilot mentoring scheme for young people aged 11-18 living or attending school in the Sevenoaks district created in 2021, initially established in response to the effects of Covid-19 on the mental health of young people.

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