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Lambeth includes FGM into wider fight against violence on women and girls

The London Borough of Lambeth has incorporated FGM into their wider work on violence against women and girls, working with colleagues in partner organisations for a multi-agency approach to tackling the issue.

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Coordinated approach towards FGM ensures consistent approach to tackling FGM

The 10 boroughs in the Greater Manchester area have coordinated their approach towards FGM to ensure that there is a consistent approach across Greater Manchester to tackling FGM.

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Pulling together to tackle FGM in Coventry

Councillor Gingell, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Services, raised the issue of FGM at a full council meeting in December 2013. A Full Council Motion (Appendix A) was introduced to condemn the practice, which was unanimously supported.

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FGM - case studies - Bristol

Overview Bristol has created a "Bristol Model" for tackling FGM, focused on community engagement and empowerment, strong partnership working and developing the right services and resources to tackle the issue at a local level.

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London Borough of Newham commissions specialist Female Genital Mutilation Prevention Service

The borough identified the need to work with at risk communities to increase reporting for support (voluntary or statutory support) and the need for greater understanding among professionals in supporting FGM victims.

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