Childcare sufficiency and sustainability during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tuesday 28 July 2020

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Childcare sufficiency and sustainability during the COVID-19 outbreak 
Chair: Stephanie Douglas, Head of Intervention and Localities, Doncaster Borough Council

Two surveys were carried out in Brent in June 2020. The objective of the surveys was to understand the impact of Covid-19 on both demand and supply of childcare provision in the borough. In particular, to understand the existential financial crisis facing providers and the fears and concerns of parents influencing their childcare choices.

City of York Transition Documents: COVID-19 is bringing huge change to children’s lives including being in new settings, personal loss and changes to their home life. This model Transition Form together with a covering letter sent to all schools and settings in York aims to support better transitions during this period and to promote quality information sharing and effective planning. It supports a child’s quality early education experiences and can help to build parental confidence ready for the fuller return to settings and school. Find out more about support for early years and childcare providers.