Climate Local

Climate Local is an LGA initiative, supported by the Environment Agency Climate Ready service, to drive, inspire and support council action on climate change. Launched in June 2012, it aims to support councils both to reduce carbon emissions and to increase resilience to a changing climate. The initiative is the only one of its type in England and is the successor to the old Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change.

Climate Local supports local authorities in the following ways:

  • Provides a platform owned and led by councils, to promote activity on climate change and demonstrate leadership locally and nationally.
  • Supports local authorities to share good practice and identify other authorities undertaking similar initiatives, to support joint working and the sharing of experience and ideas.
  • Provides practical tools and advice to councils on climate change issues.
  • Raises the profile of carbon reduction and adaptation nationally.

As of April 2014, 96 local authorities have signed up to Climate Local. Getting involved is helping councils across the country to capture the opportunities and benefits of action on a changing climate, through saving on their energy bills, generating income from renewable energy, attracting new jobs and investment, reducing flood risks and managing the impacts of extreme weather.

Signing up to Climate Local

Here you will find more information about Climate Local and the documents you need to sign up.

Climate Local Map

Our Climate Local map shows the councils who have signed up to Climate Local.

Climate Local Signatories

Find out which local authorities have signed up to Climate Local, including links to further information and local contact details.

Climate Local resources

We have produced a number of resources to support council action on climate change, including our workbook for councillors and theme-based training materials.

The Climate Local network

Our online discussion forum for climate change and sustainability practitioners. Ask questions and engage with others on key issues, view Climate Local action plans from around the country, share ideas and keep up to date with the latest developments.


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Webinar recordings

Listen to our latest recordings.