Climate Local - Signing up to Climate Local

Here you will find more information about Climate Local and the documents you need to sign up.

Climate Local information pack

This information pack gives an introduction to Climate Local, including what it is and what you need to do to sign up.

Step 1: Sign Up

Climate Local Commitment

This is the commitment that must be signed by councils wishing to join Climate Local.

Step 2: Declare targets and actions

Menu of commitments and actions

This document provides a range of commitments and actions that councils could sign up to under Climate Local. It covers their roles as a community leader, a service provider and an estate manager, as well as suggestions for councils ‘starting out' in their journey, and actions to mainstream climate change into the corporate heart of a council.

Climate Local commitments and actions template

Having decided your local priorities, use this template to record your local commitments and actions, with measures of success and timescales.

Step 3: Share learning and experience

The Climate Local Network

Join our online discussion forum for climate change and sustainability practitioners. Ask questions and engage with others on key issues, view Climate Local action plans from around the country, share ideas and keep up to date with the latest developments.

Step 4: Report on progress

Demonstrating progress template

Use this template to demonstrate your annual progress on delivering your Climate Local commitments and actions.

Demonstrating progress advice note

This short advice note outlines the process and requirements for demonstrating your annual progress on delivering your Climate Local commitments.