Cyber Pathfinder Training Scheme

Commissioned by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and funded by the National Cyber Security Programme, the “Think Cyber Think Resilience" Cyber Pathfinder Training Scheme provides free regional exercises and training for senior leaders, policy makers and practitioners from English local authorities, Local Resilience Forums, and other public sector partner organisations.

  • Cyber Pathfinder Training Scheme Exercises and seminars are designed to help participants think about the impact of cyber incidents on their organisational plans for multi-agency working under the Civil Contingencies Act. It will help them understand cyber related issues so that, working with their resilience partners, they can review existing emergency planning and develop effective organisational and multi-agency emergency planning for cyber related incidents. Use the links below to find out more and to book places
  • Cyber Pathfinder Multi-Agency Exercises: which aims help to build a shared understanding of the implications for local multi-agency partners in responding to a significant cyber incident.
  • Pathfinder One Seminars: Cyber Landscape, Guidance and Support will help participants navigate their way through the complexities of cyber security and cyber resilience.
  • Pathfinder Two Seminars: Cyber Threats and Core Resilience will help participants to better understand cyber threats, vulnerabilities, attack methodologies and dependencies. Participants will also explore the core components required to build an effective cyber security and cyber resilience capability.
  • Pathfinder Three seminars: People, Processes and Technology will help participants to better understand the core components around people, processes and technology necessary to develop a cyber resilience programme. Participants will also explore wants needed to raise cyber resilience awareness within their organisations.
  • Pathfinder Four seminars: Resilience Preparedness and Planning will help delegates understand the differences between cyber incidents and other resilience planning, enabling them to plan for handling cyber incidents using existing resilience mechanisms and how to embed cyber resilience awareness raising tools and techniques with key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Pathfinder Five will help participants to develop their understanding of the requirements for an effective incident management capability and explore issues relating to crisis management and communications during a cyber incident.
  • Pathfinder Six will help participants to appreciate how existing business continuity planning can complement cyber resilience and improve their understanding of the requirements for effect recovery planning.