EU funding tracker

22 April 2013

The LGA's EU Funding Tracker is part of a new and improved national service to help better connect our member authorities with European developments and funding opportunities.

The public finance squeeze means councils will need to be more creative in finding new sources of funding. The EU offers plenty of financing opportunities for councils, but our recent survey showed, outside of the main structural fund programmes (European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund), awareness of EU funding opportunities within councils is fairly low. This is not the fault of local authorities; the EU funding environment is fragmented, complex and not user-friendly. We are lobbying for a more accessible, coherent funding landscape for the future, but in the meantime hope our new funding tracker gives authorities a hand in finding the right opportunities and the information to help access funding. The LGA EU Funding Tracker is updated with new opportunities on a weekly basis, listed by theme:

Main areas of interest

  • Competitiveness and economic development
  • Culture, tourism and sport (two new opportunities this week)
  • Education, youth and citizenship (one new opportunity this week)
  • Employment, skills and social policy (two new opportunity this week)
  • Environment and energy (one new opportunity this week)
  • Transport.

Other funds of interest

  • agriculture and fisheries
  • community safety
  • consumer protection
  • contingency planning
  • health
  • international development.

While this service can help identify funding opportunities, it can not help with individual applications for funding. EU funds are limited, competitive, and open to all 27 member countries and sometimes a wider geographical area.  Please email your comments/suggestions to: to help us continually improved this service.

Footnote: the tracker does not provide coverage of EU structural funds managed by UK government. See the European Regional Development Fund section of the Communities and Local Government (DCLG) website (and its related financial engineering tools); and the England European Social Fund website.

See the latest amalgamated funding tracker below in PDF format: