LGA General Assembly

Section 1 - Your Authority
Please select your authority from the drop-down box below.  Your Authority’s full voting entitlement is also included.
Section 2 -If you are from a Fire or Welsh Authority, please scroll to Section 5.
Your Authority’s Representative/s on the LGA’s General Assembly for the Period of 2 July 2019 until 1 July 2020
You may send up to four Members to LGA’s General Assembly meeting(s).  Please ensure that you include the voting allocation for each Member.  Members will not be able to vote without this written evidence.  It is important to indicate if your Members will be attending the LGA’s General Assembly on 30 June 2020.

The number of Members you can nominate is the same as the number of votes your authority is allocated – to a maximum of 4 Members
Member 1
Please note that you must register on the LGA’s events page to attend the Annual Conference
Member 2
Member 3
Member 4
Section 3 – Substitute Members Attending on Behalf of Nominated Representatives
If your Authorities nominated representative/s is/are unable to attend the General Assembly 30 June 2020 , please indicate which substitutes will be attending on their behalf:
Substitute Member 2
Substitute Member 3
Substitute Member 4
Section 4 – Observers (including Officers)
Your Authority can send observers to the General Assembly, including officers.  Please provide the details of any observers attending the General Assembly 30 June 2020 :
Section 5 – Fire and Welsh Unitaries Only
This section is for Fire and Welsh Unitaries only.  The representative who will have the Authority’s one corporate vote will be:
Section 6 - Special Requirements for representatives at the Annual Meeting 30 June 2020
The venue is fully accessible to any attendees via ramp or lift access, and has Hearing Assistance facilities.  Please refer to the LGA’s event’s page for further details.
Section 7 – Your details
Please fill out your details (the details of the person filling out this form)
If you require any assistance with this form, please contact Member Services:
Tel: 020 7664 33136
Email: memberservices@local.gov.uk