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Good Plan Making Guide

We've been helping local authorities with their plan-making, sometimes working in partnership with the Planning Inspectorate. Based on this experience, this PAS Good Plan Making Guide identifies key principles for successful plan making and highlights some of the core tasks that will need to be undertaken to develop your local plan. The principles can be read section by section (as laid out below) or read/downloaded in their entirety.

You can also view our Technical Advice Note on Objectively Assessed Needs for a more detailed exploration of this area. 


Define a locally relevant spatial vision and objectives for the area.

Start with a clear understanding of what your local plan must cover to address the critical issues in your area.

Develop a realistic project plan for preparing the local plan.

Integrate the sustainability appraisal with each stage of the plan making process.

Develop and implement an effective engagement strategy for the preparation of the plan.

Develop a relevant and robust evidence base for housing and other topics.

Ensure you identify strategic issues and address any cross-boundary impacts. This will help you demonstrate how you have met the duty to cooperate.

Create and refine realistic spatial policy options. 

Develop a usable and focused set of plan policies.

Ensure the local plan is deliverable, viable and supported by necessary infrastructure.