Inclusive economies and fairer futures: How to build back better, 18 May 2021

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The presentations

Inclusive economies: an idea whose time has come?
Jo Bibby, Director of Health, The Health Foundation; Judith Kurth, Public Health Manager for Health Inequalities, Public Health England (PHE) and Scott Anderson, Principal Public Health Intelligence Analyst, Local Knowledge & Intelligence Service (North East and Yorkshire), PHE

Devolution and ISEs
Ben Lucas, Managing Director, Metro Dynamics

Case study: Practical example from Liverpool 
Alan Higgins, Programme Director, PHE North West

Framework to support recovery and restoration from COVID-19
Judith Kurth, Public Health Manager, Public Health England

Data Catalogue An evidence-based case for health in the economy
Judith Kurth, Public Health Manager, Public Health England

Links from the chats

LGA Report: Building more inclusive economies

Inclusive and sustainable economies: leaving no-one behind

Health on the High Street report

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