Innovation Zone – LGA Conference 2023

Each year, the Innovation Zone at the LGA Annual Conference showcases the outstanding, innovative work of councils across a range of service and policy areas.


The Innovation Zone is a vibrant and creative space within the LGA Annual Conference which hosts a variety of sessions and panel discussions where councils showcase new ideas and solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing local government.

The Innovation Zone is a hugely popular part of the LGA Annual Conference and provides an excellent opportunity for councils to showcase their ideas and achievements. 2022 was the Innovation Zone’s most successful year so far, enjoying huge attendance figures and coverage in national media.

The theme for the 2023 Innovation Zone is Challenge and change – and with this we are aiming to share excellent practice that all delegates can learn from and use to create tangible, positive impact in their own councils and communities.

The Innovation Zone programme has now been finalised and can be found alongside sessions in the full conference programme. (To view the full Innovation Zone programme, click on the light blue 'The Innovation Zone' tag.)

You can also access presentations from the 2022 Innovation Zone .

Sessions in the Innovation Zone

Applications are now closed to all councils (and organisations working with councils)  and all applicants should have now been contacted with their outcome.

Sessions at the Innovation Zone will be interactive, include time for questions and will showcase innovative projects and ideas spanning the below topics and more:

  • the cost of living crisis
  • digital and tech solutions
  • people services including adult and children’s social care
  • resettlement
  • climate change, net zero and promoting sustainability
  • developing and / or upskilling the local government workforce
  • economic growth and supporting communities
  • managing housing pressures
  • service redesign.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the Innovation Zone, please email us at [email protected]

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