The Local Government Association (LGA) Knowledge Hub provides secure online knowledge sharing for councillors and officers to connect and communicate with peers across local government. Knowledge Hub works by helping you to build your own professional networks and join or create subject based groups on topics relevant to you.

On your own home page you have a dashboard where you can:

  • see what's happening across your network in activity streams
  • update your profile and link it to your other social network accounts
  • have access to all your content, groups and connections in one place
  • write your blogs and publish them either to the Knowledge Hub or to the internet
  • read, write and send messages to other people on Knowledge Hub
  • manage your email notifications as part of your profile


As a member of a group you can:

  • share ideas, discuss case studies or ask for opinions in the forum
  • share reports, research, presentations, videos and images in the group hub library
  • read about relevant thoughts and ideas in the blogs section
  • find new contacts in the members section and connect with them
  • use instant messages to communicate with other members you are connected to
  • find out about forthcoming events or promote your own (training sessions, workshops, etc.) in events
  • work collaboratively using the wiki
  • suggest innovative ways of doing things in ideas


The LGA Knowledge Hub project aims to promote the value of knowledge sharing and social networking in a professional context for local government community. The online platform is provided as a way to achieve this. We value your contribution to the ongoing development of the project.

If you have not signed into the Knowledge Hub before please register at: