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Levelling-Up and Regeneration Bill

27th May 2022

We have put together some FAQs on the LURB. We're also intending to run some events. 

Nutrient neutrality - more councils receive advice

16th March 2022

Another 40 councils have received advice from Natural England that at least some of their area is covered by "nutrient neutrality" advice. To help councils consider and respond we've held a series of workshops and have a new updated web page. 

Biodiversity Net Gain and the Environment Bill – FAQs, presentations and resources including February 2022 biodiversity net gain consultation events

Spring 2022

We ran a series of events for planners and councillors to launch our Defra project in Summer 2021. The slideshows from these workshops are now available on our Biodiversity Net Gain page and our summary highlights what local authorities are doing now and what they need to get ready for mandatory biodiversity net gain. We have answered frequently asked questions with input from Natural England and Defra. We also have slides and recordings from our February 2022 events on Defra's biodiversity net gain consultation available.

PAS In Conversation... Anna Rose discusses the hot topics in planning today April 2022 

S1, Ep1 - April 2022

Anna’s conversation in this episode is with Hugh Ellis – Policy Director at the TCPA. Anna and Hugh discuss morale in the public sector - something that many report as being in serious decline, especially within planning departments. Anna and Hugh give their personal perspectives, how they feel about the state of the profession and where the light at the of tunnel is going to come from.

Future Proofing the Plan Making Process - Outputs from our latest Plan Making event series Feb 2022 

Feb 2022

PAS and planners discuss: what's like 'carrying on planning' right now? What are the reforms unlikely to change? What are the implications of 'pulling' the Local Plan?. Also tips for a smoother examination.  Future Proofing the Plan Making Process.

Development Management Challenge Toolkit - Updated guidance and practical health check toolkit 

August 2021

This latest version of the PAS Development Management Challenge Toolkit updates the original version that was prepared in 2015.  It aims to provide a ‘health check’ for Planning Authorities and act as a simple way to develop an action plan for improvements to their Development Management service.  

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