LGA ADPH Annual Public Health Conference 2017 - 9 March


Evidence Social Justice and The Health Gap - Professor Sir Michael Marmot

P1 Air pollution - making the case and making it happen - Paul Lincoln

P1 Making the Case at Local Level - Cllr Ralph Bagge

P1 Tackling traffic related air pollution - Dr Satoris Vardoulakis

P10 Physical activity and musculoskeletal health

P11 Using whole systems approaches to tackle obesity

P12 Prioritising spending with reduced resources, Duncan Cooper

P13 No health without justice no justice without health - PHE

P14 A call to action - addressing the social determinants of mental health

P15 Connected and empowered communities - a whole system approach to health and wellbeing

P2 The Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry - practice and research into policy

P3 Improving young people's lives - homes, health, wellbeing and wealth - Dr Jennifer Cumming

P3 Improving young people's lives - homes, health, wellbeing and wealth - Jean Templeton

P4 Politics, policy, prevention and PrEP - extending influence to promote sexual health

P5 Tobacco and alcohol as industrial epidemics - from global to local

P6 Improving health and wellbeing through partnerships with police fire and ambulance services

P7 Working in partnership as a Marmot City to reduce health inequalities

P8 What works with workplaces - Partnering with employers to improve the health of working adults

P9 Hallmarks of successful public health leadership

PP1 Giving every child the best start in life - Sarah Cowley

PP2 Going that extra mile - Elaine Wyllie

PP2 Going that extra mile - Kate Ardern, Wigan