Care Leavers Motion from Lib Dem Councillors on Birmingham City Council

This Council recognises the difficult situations faced by care leavers in the city who can face significant barriers after they leave local authority care such as struggling to cope with independent living and placing them at heightened risk of social isolation, homelessness, unemployment and involvement in crime. 

Although care leavers have access to benefits, as the cost of living has increased, so have their struggles to travel and access basic needs. 

In order to make life easier and to help aid further integration, this Council proposes: 

Lobbying the Combined Authority and National Government to ensure: 

  • All care leavers have access to free public transport, for travel to work, apprenticeships or interviews until they are 25, so there are no barriers to attendance at their chosen workplace.
  • All care leavers, who are part of the National Apprentice Scheme or are in employment, have access to free medication up to the age of 25.
  • All care leavers are able to access a full package of Mental Health Support with specific focus on trauma and past harm