Housing Targets motion from Three Rivers District Council

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Council notes that:

Liz Truss MP has said, 'I want to abolish the top-down, Whitehall-inspired Stalinist housing targets;' - Daily Telegraph, 17 July." and is committed to abolishing the 300,000 new homes target set by the previous Conservative Government and Secretary of State.

Conservative-run Hertsmere and Dacorum Councils have both delayed their Local Plans while they push back on the government housing targets that would be excessive Green Belt development and have boasted about delaying their own Local Plans.

Liberal Democrat run Three Rivers Council has regularly and repeatedly objected to the imposed central government housing target which rendered its existing Local Plan out of date, despite the fact it had been meeting the previous housing targets.

Council therefore welcomes the following:

The commitment to abolish the top-down, Whitehall-inspired Stalinist housing targets.

The Liberal Democrat run Council for pushing back on the government target over the last two years and seeking a lesser figure on every possible occasion, including in letters and appeals to previous ministers, whilst delaying its local plan in order to object to 12,700 new homes target, most of which would be in the Green Belt.

Council agrees to:

Ask the government and new Secretary of State to inform the Planning Inspectorate that the figures imposed using out of date 2014 data no longer apply and to seek the support of the Members of Parliament covering Three Rivers in so doing.

Thank Council officers for their continued hard work on Local Plan and it’s policies that seek to secure the right and proper level of development suitable for Three Rivers, whilst securing the right type of residential development suitable for the 21st century.

Continue to work for a suitable housing figure that reflects the need for some new build to support communities and growth but one that reflects the land and environmental constraints of Three Rivers but not the previous imposed arbitrary figure of 12,700 that was based on 2014 data.

Irrespective of clear guidance from the Secretary of State on housing figures that is due to be announced next month, draw up a suitable housing target plan evidenced with a locally calculated housing needs using up to date statistics to ensure the right Local Plan for Three Rivers is presented as an alternative to the Government should arbitrary targets still be in place.

Continue to inform residents of its actions by whatever means possible, including with any further public consultations.