Rail fare rises 

Please see below for a template press release on the rail fares increase in your area from 1 March.


[TEMPLATE]: Rail fare rises 

Dear all,

Please find a fare rise calculator between different stations. Sheet 2 also contains the percentage of people who commute by train in each constituency area.

NOTE: Please first make a copy of this spreadsheet before use by going to File > Make a copy. Please input the price of a season ticket for your area in cell B19 in the new copy to project the rise over the next five years.

This template is for use in England and Wales only.

Any questions, please get in touch with the Press Office on press@libdems.org.uk

[INSERT AREA] commuters hit with [£X] hike in rail fares  

Liberal Democrats call for fare freeze as cost of living crisis worsens 

Annual season ticket for [INSERT AREA] commuters forecasted to reach [£XXXX] for the first time

[IF COMMUTING FROM OUTSIDE LONDON INTO LONDON] London travelcards for tube and bus services set to be scrapped for [INSERT AREA] passengers


The cost of an annual season ticket for [INSERT AREA] commuters will rise by the most in a decade today despite the cost of living crisis worsening. 

Annual season ticket prices between [INSERT AREA] and [INSERT AREA] will rise by a staggering £X to £X.

By 2026, the annual season ticket price for [INSERT AREA] commuters is forecasted to be £X if the Government does not freeze rail fares. The rise comes despite reduced services compared to pre-pandemic timetables. 

[IF COMMUTING FROM OUTSIDE LONDON INTO LONDON] Daily travelcards for those travelling on national rail services to London are also set to be scrapped, meaning passengers will pay more for tube and bus services in the capital.

The Liberal Democrats are calling for rail fares to be frozen for five years and for pre-pandemic timetables to be restored. 

[Insert messaging on proposed cuts to services]

[INSERT NAME], Liberal Democrat [Chair/Candidate/Group Leader etc.] for [INSERT AREA], said:

“It is outrageous to hike rail fares in the middle of a cost of living crisis.  This Conservative Government is completely out of touch. 

“Tax rises are coming, energy bills are skyrocketing and now rail fares are set to rise for people in [INSERT AREA]. 

“I am calling for a fair deal for people in [INSERT AREA] with a fare freeze and the Government to cancel all tax hikes. The cost of living crisis is getting worse by the week and Boris Johnson is too busy trying to save his own job."

“We should be making green forms of transport cheaper, yet this Conservative Government is determined to make rail more expensive than ever before.”