Tories are fuelling [local] energy crisis, says [Liberal Democrat]

A template press release on the energy crisis.

Note: this template press release is for those properties that are off the mains gas grid. Use the attached data spreadsheet.

  • [Sheet 2, Cell I14] households in [Region / Local Authority] are not protected by energy price cap 
  • [Sheet 2, Cell H17] of [Region / Local Authority] residents are off-gas grid
  • [Local Authority] comes __th [Sheet 3] of 331 Local Authorities in ranking of homes dependent on heating oil 

[Liberal Democrat] is calling for extra support for properties not on the gas grid to see them through the energy crisis. 

Off-grid homes face higher heating costs because oil, LPG, and electric heating is often more expensive than piped gas. In [Local Authority / Region], [Sheet 2, Cell H17] of residents are not on the gas grid. 

[Sheet 2, Cell I14] households across [Region / Local Authority] rely on heating oil as their main fuel. The Government caps electricity and gas prices, but it does not offer similar protection to heating oil customers. 

The Liberal Democrats have challenged Kwasi Kwarteng, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and urged the Government to put in place immediate financial protection for consumers of heating oil, equivalent to the existing energy price cap on gas and electricity. 

However, in response to a Parliamentary Question from Tim Farron MP, the Government said, “There is an open market for the supply of heating oil in the UK. A price cap is not necessary as consumers can shop around and switch supplier more easily than for gas and electricity.”

In March, the cost of heating oil rose from 65.21 pence per litre to 159.54 pence per litre.

[Liberal Democrat Name] said, “A colossal [Sheet 1, Column J] of residents in [Local Authority] are not on the gas grid. This month’s forecast showed that heating oil costs for the average household would soar by between £700 to £1,700 this year. 

The suggestion that local people can simply shop around is barking mad. Over [Sheet 2, Cell I14] households in [Local Authority / Region] face infinite increases to their energy bills just because of where they live. The current Government is dangerously out of touch with rural communities, and this proves it.

Ministers must urgently extend the energy price cap to heating oil, or else hundreds of thousands of households across the country will be plunged into fuel poverty.” 

Councillor Sarah Osborne, Lib Dem Health Spokesperson at the Local Government Association, said:
“With heating oil prices rocketing I am calling on the Government to take action and prevent a serious risk to health faced by low income households living in mostly rural areas reliant on oil to heat their homes. Living in a cold home will undermine mental health and uncapped oil prices will lead to anxiety and isolation.”

Councillor Emily Smith, Lib Dem Rural Spokesperson at the Local Government Association, added: “Without action the government risks the health of many of the 1.5 million who have no option other than use oil or LPG to heat their homes. Government must also go further in promoting alternatives for heating like air source heat pumps and investing in skills training to make sure there is capacity to install and service them".