Local Government Apprenticeship Challenge

The Apprenticeship Challenge is a learning and development opportunity with a competitive edge for apprentices within local government.

Based on the hugely successful 'Local Authority Challenge' developed by Breckland Training Services, the Apprentice Challenge gives apprentices the chance to experience the opportunities, risks and challenges involved in delivering successful local government services. 

Who is it for?

  • A current or recently qualified (in the last 12 months) Level 2 or 3 apprentice working in local government.
  • For those looking to push themselves and to test their skills and capability.
  • Interested in challenging and developing yourself alongside others in the same position.


  • Building partnerships with relevant organisations or individuals in a variety of different settings.
  • Developing inter-personal skills when working with colleagues.
  • Developing and practising media handling skills, including drafting press releases, social media management and an introduction to direct media interaction.
  • Developing and practising communication and presentation skills.
  • Practising organisational, team building and time management skills.
  • Developing resilience to rapidly changing priorities, demands and timescales.
  • Lead to one apprentice being named 'Local Government Apprentice of the Year'.

How do I sign up?

The Apprentice Challenge is run on a regional basis. Regions that run the Challenge include:

Councils can submit as many apprentices they wish for the Challenge, and they will be put into a mix of teams from other councils in the region. Research LG Apprenticeship Challenges in your region for more details.