Local government intelligence

A wealth of research and analytic services to help support your role as a local government officer.

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Better use of data

More data than ever is available to provide the fuel for digital tools and services and is used in data analytics to get greater insights into user needs and local places.

Local Government Association, Heads of Communications Survey

Local Land Charges

Local land charges are an outstanding financial claim, restriction, prohibition, decision or information affecting a piece of land, which is binding on successive owners and occupiers of the land.

Local Government Association, Heads of Communications Survey

Making open data work for you: case studies

We encourage a sector-led approach to open data and foster the learning and sharing through the "Making open data work for you" initiative. Many local authorities release open data in innovative ways and engage with local groups to make better use of it.

Local Government Association, Heads of Communications Survey

LG Inform

Local Government Inform (LG Inform) is the LGA's benchmarking data service for councils and fire and rescue authorities. A new and improved version of LG Inform has been released, with improved performance and functionality.


LG Inform Plus

LG Inform Plus supplements the LG Inform service, giving subscribers the power to drill down from authority wide information to much smaller areas, such as wards.

Reducing data burden

In April 2011 the number of data returns which local government were required to submit to central government was reduced when the National Indicator Set was replaced by the Single Data List.



This monthly publication keeps you informed of key issues and developments in research impacting on, or of interest to, local government.



POPGROUP is a family of software developed to forecast population, households and the labour force.


Work themes

This page contains links to recent LGA Research and Information sponsored projects.

Partner organisations

There are a wide range of organisations that support or provide services of potential use to local government research. This section provides details for some of these that may be useful.

YouChoose budget consultation tool

YouChoose is an online budget simulator that encourages members of the public to consider where council budget cuts should fall, where efficiencies might be made, and where income might be generated.


About the research team

We provide research and analytic services to the group and help and support to the local government sector. Find out more about the members of our team and the work we do.


About research in local government

As the largest employer in England, local government provides a wealth of research and analytical career opportunities. This page provides information about developing a research career in this sector.