Local Industrial Strategies

A support offer for councils looking to play an active role in the development of Local Industrial Strategies

The Government’s Industrial Strategy includes plans to work in partnership with places to develop Local Industrial Strategies (LIS) that will be developed locally and agreed with the Government. 

The first trailblazer Local Industrial Strategies for Greater Manchester and the West Midlands have now been published.   

Working closely with the Cities and Local Growth Unit, the LGA commissioned a support offer for councils looking to play an active role alongside Local Enterprise Partnerships and Combined Authorities in the development of a LIS.  

The LGA has now published two reports capturing the learning from this support offer:

Further details on the support offer are available below. 

Exploring the key components of LIS development 

This strand of the LIS support offer drew on expert insights to share learning on the key elements of LIS development. This was structured around four masterclasses: 

A report capturing key learning points from across the four masterclasses is available here

Understanding the role of councils in LIS development 

This strand of the LIS support offer sought to better understand the role of councils in LIS development and facilitate peer-to-peer learning within the sector.  

A report capturing key learning points from this offer is available here. It outlines why councils should engage with their LIS, the roles that they can play in LIS development and the practical steps that councils can take to effectively engage.  

LIS online hub 

The LGA will shortly be launching a dedicated online hub for councils interested in finding out more about Local Industrial Strategies. This will be launched in July. 

For further information on the LGA’s LIS support offer, please contact: localism@local.gov.uk.